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Today you're the one in charge! Choose your activities and offer the best birthday ever.

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    Laser TagBubble FootballFootballPark*

    *Slides, Baby Park (<3 years), Inflatable, Sleigh Slide, Psychomotor Circuits, Doll House, Ball Pool, Traditional Games

    Birthday Cake

    BrigadeiroDoce de OvosNo Cake

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    * From 11 participants

    Extras - Snack

    Hot Dog - 2.5€/childMini Snacks - 10.5€/DozenMini Cakes - 11.5€/DozenBag of Sweets - 2.5€/childFruit Variety - 3.5€/childChampomi - 8€/unitCustomized Cake with Image - 8€Parent's Snack Pack** - 55€

    ** Includes: 3 portions of french fries, 2 portions of sweet potato fries, 1.5 portions of onion rings, 2.5 portions of chicken wings, 1 tower of nachos, 2 portions of alheira balls. Drinks not included. Served at our InSports Bar.

    Extras - Other

    Trophy - €15/UnitMedal - €2,5/unitFace Paintings - €3.5/Child (Minimum 10 Children)InFun Anti-Slip Socks - €3.5/unit

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